Data Senders

Over 70% of companies send data to partners, whether it’s raw logs or reports. Nexla is a simple solution that allows business users or operations teams to share data in any format.

Secure & Control: Grant attribute-level access for your customers, suppliers, and other partners. Hash or tokenize sensitive data with just a few clicks. Set the cadence of your streams, from daily to real-time. Filter data so partners only get the data they need.

Format: No two companies want data in the same format. Apply transformations to the data in an easy-to-use web UI, so your partners get what they need. Nexla comes with common transformations out-of-the-box, or you can code your own. Partners can choose how they want to receive the data—in cloud storage, a database, flat file, or even Dropbox. Your partners do not need to be a Nexla customer.

Scale: Easily create multiple streams for different partners, each with unique attributes or filters. Nexla is designed to process high-volume data in real-time.

No code required: Simply connect to your data source and configure your transforms in minutes.

Data Receivers

Almost every company uses data from suppliers, vendors, and other third parties. Chances are, the data you receive needs some level of processing before it can be useful. Let Nexla automate your DataOps.

Connect: Connect to partner APIs, S3 buckets, FTP servers, and more with pre-built connectors. Nexla automatically detects whenever new data is available.

Transform: Make changes to the attributes shared with you before data is ingested. Do you have a partner that sends latitude and longitude but you really need city? Easily transform that attribute value with a few clicks. Choose from out-of-the box transforms or code your own. Use Data Maps as lookup tables to transform company-specific data, such as ID to name.

Deliver: Tell Nexla where you would like your data delivered with a few clicks. Nexla can deliver data to any database, server, or file type for download. Set the frequency you need or let Nexla deliver as it comes.


Nexla transformations are as easy as Excel formulas. Simply select the transform you wish to apply from a drop-down menu.

Select: Choose from many out-of-the-box transformations such as hashes, location specificity, mathematical operations, user agent conversions, string operations such as concatenate, timezone, and currency. Or code your own transformations and save them for your organization to use later.

Filter: Nexla allows you to filter your data by the value of an attribute. For example, you may only want to ingest or share data where state equals California, or the value is greater than one.


Set it and forget it with Nexla. We take care of monitoring your data so there are no surprises.

Alerts: Find out when there are any changes to the data you are sending or receiving. No more finding out the API changed 3 days ago! Nexla learns your schemas, expected data volumes and values, and more to ping you when something seems unexpected. Receive emails, SMS notifications, or hook into other services to manage incidents.

Status: Check on the status of your data movement any time with our monitoring dashboard. See how much data you are successfully sending and receiving. Gain visibility into who is consuming how much of your data.