The new standard in Data Operations

Nexla takes a modern DataOps approach to enable continuous and automated delivery of data for Analytics, AI, and Operations.

What is the DataOps approach? It centers around our collaborative tools and reusable entities for your data integration, management, monitoring and troubleshooting. These low-code tools and no-code workflows empower a much broader set of users than traditional enterprise solutions. The result is the kind of organizational scale that makes our data-driven goals possible.

Solving Data Heterogeneity

More data sources means more data heterogeneity. Nexla solves for heterogeneity by continuously analyzing and learning from every record and attribute. We learn your schema, track its evolution, monitor changes to data characteristics and manage data flow data regardless of format or type of source.

Scaling Teams

Scaling teams

Power features and APIs for those who code, intuitive tools and automated workflows for those who don’t. Nexla helps the team scale and collaborate because data is everyone’s business.

Operational Reliability

Continuous data validation, error management, automated monitoring and notifications, and built-in retry mechanisms to deliver the operational reliability needed by teams running hundreds of data flows.

Operational Reliability
Nexla Deployment Environments

Built for Enterprise

Choice of Saas or On-premise deployments, automated versioning, complete audit trail, and record level data lineage give enterprises the operational control and visibility they need for their mission critical data.