The new standard in Data Operations

Ingestion and Integration at Scale

Data fluctuates in size constantly. With so many partners, data ingestion and integration congests easily. Nexla is designed to process high-volume data in real time and allows the ability to create multiple feeds for different partners, each with unique attributes or filters.

Point Nexla to any data source and it will automatically detect the available schemas. Select those attributes you wish to ingest, and ignore the rest.

Data Integration
API Integration

Flex API Technology

Nexla’s Flex API technology for API data integration empowers data professionals to integrate with complex, non-standard data APIs. Integration time dramatically reduces from weeks to hours. Data is instantly transformed into human-readable format in the Nexla UI. Best of all, no engineering effort is required to achieve this goal.

Nexla Connects to Any Format

Nexla can connect to almost any format. No two companies want data in the same format. Use Nexla to convert data formats quickly and easily.

Nexla can handle almost any data integration:

  • API to Snowflake
  • API to Redshift
  • FTP to Snowflake
  • FTP to Redshift
  • FTP to BigQuery
  • Redshift to Bigquery
  • S3 to Bigquery
  • FTP to S3
  • API to MySQL
Nexla Supported Formats
Secure Data Sharing

Create inter-company data feeds

Create inter-company data feeds to receive data or send data to your partners. With Nexla, write your data to any database, server, or file type for download. You determine how often you want to send and receive your data. Want to send via email? Nexla can do that too. Sharing data with your partners has never been simpler.

Your data the way you want

Data isn’t always in the format you want, and Nexla can fix that. Choose from a list of provided transformations such as hashes, location specificity, mathematical operations, user agent conversions, string operations such as concatenate, timezone, and currency. Don’t see one you want to use? Code your own transformation and save it for later.

Data Transforms
Data Monitoring: Nexla Dashboard

Set it and Forget it

Data Operations monitoring is mundane until something breaks. Set it and forget it with Nexla. We take care of your data monitoring so there are no surprises. Receive alerts via emails, SMS, notifications, or hook into other services to manage incidents.

Control who sees your data

Grant team members access to specific data sets and revoke at any time. Robust user roles puts governance power in the hands of the account admin. Nexla also supports encrypted data in rest and in motion. Hash or tokenize data with just a few clicks.

Use Nexla to help build your data dictionary. Any and all metadata in the Nexla platform can be edited and described. Your team will always know the specific definitions of all of your attributes.

Data Dictionary: Security & Governance
Nexla Deployment Environments

Run Nexla anywhere

We understand each business has their own specific ways of operating. Nexla is designed to run in any environment. Whether it’s in the cloud, on-premise, hybrid, or VPC deployments, Nexla can streamline your Data Operations.

Processing for the People

Today, 58% of companies use streaming data. But with this evolution, some data stakeholders accustomed to files or tables can lose access to data. Nexla can connect to streaming event data and convert to file or batch processes, and vice versa. The platform allows analysts, data scientists, and data engineers to collaborate. Nexla’s distributed processing runs in the background and scales automatically.

Learn more about event stream processing here.