Poshmark Case study

“Prioritization is always a challenge at a growing company. It can be hard to complete integrations in the time we would like." -Barkha Saxena, VP Analytics at Poshmark

The combination of Nexla and Looker was uniquely suited to help Poshmark achieve its objectives. Nexla made it easy to integrate and monitor customer support data via the API, and then send that data to Poshmark’s Redshift database. Integration took less than a day and allowed the data engineering team to continue to focus on other priorities. Once the data was flowing, Poshmark was able to create Looker dashboards and analyses to provide the executive team and other business stakeholders access to critical support data through their core BI platform.

DataOps survey

Here at Nexla, we are building a scalable Data Operations platform that can manage inter-company data collaboration, securely and in real-time.

Nexla automates DataOps so companies can quickly derive value from their data, with minimal engineering required.

Nexla understands data operations to be a core function responsible for monitoring data feeds, transforming data into a usable format and moving it to the right destination (think the classic Extract-Transform-Load), and in some cases ensuring data security.

With this survey, Nexla embarked on a mission to discover more about the current state of DataOps and to explain how there is a consistent need and a growth in the value of investment towards data operations.

Data continues to grow immensely each and every day. This survey was designed to find the hiccups in the overall system of DataOps while guiding us in the right direction towards solving these day-to-day issues.

We hope the results of The Definitive Data Operations Report will help us solve the frustrations and problems of data engineers and businesses everywhere.

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