About Us

Here at Nexla, we are building a scalable Data Operations platform that can manage inter-company data collaboration, securely and in real-time.

Our Mission

Powering data-driven innovation

Nexla’s mission is to power data-driven innovation. Our Data Operations platform is an entirely new approach to managing data processes. We securely manage business-to-business data exchange so companies can focus on deriving value from their data.

Our Values

At Nexla, we live by these five commandments

  • Nexla Values - Have Empathy

    Have Empathy

    Towards customers, colleagues, family and everyone else

  • Nexla Values - Be Curious

    Be Curious

    Ask, innovate, learn, repeat

  • Nexla Values - Be Intellectually Honest

    Be Intellectually Honest

    We don’t push anything under the rug

  • Nexla Values - Achieve Excellence

    Achieve Excellence

    Don’t just try, get it done!

  • Remember to Relax

    Remember to Relax

    It’s a marathon, not a sprint

Our Leadership

Nexla CEO Saket Saurabh

Saket Saurabh

Saket, Founder & CEO of Nexla, has spent the past two decades at the edge of innovation as an engineer, product manager, and serial entrepreneur. Most recently, he was VP of Mobile at Rubicon Project after the acquisition of Mobsmith, a startup he co-founded in 2009. With Mobsmith at the nucleus, Saket led the creation of a $100M mobile business at Rubicon contributing to its IPO in 2014. Early in his career Saket built software for PlayStation3, printer controllers, and online video services. From 2002-2008 Saket provided product leadership to Nvidia’s innovation efforts in entertainment, automotive, and mobile. Saket holds an MBA from the Wharton School and a BTech in Computer Science from IIT Kanpur.

Nexla CTO Jeff Williams

Jeff Williams

Jeff, Co-founder and CTO of Nexla, began his career in the Advanced Technology Group at Apple before transitioning to web technologies at Yahoo where he helped launch one of the first online calendaring systems and contributed to scaling Yahoo Mail. In 2010, Jeff moved on to Mobsmith (acquired by the Rubicon Project), where he helped build high-volume, low-latency ad tech systems. Jeff holds an MS in Computer Science from the University of Pennsylvania.

Nexla VP of Business Jarah Euston

Jarah Euston

Jarah, Co-Founder and VP, Business of Nexla, was previously VP, Growth, Publisher Products at Yahoo, following the acquisition of Flurry. One of Business Insider’s top 10 most powerful women in mobile advertising, she oversaw Flurry’s penetration into 700,000 mobile apps as VP, Analytics and Marketing. A repeat entrepreneur, she sold her media startup to McClatchy in 2007. Jarah holds an MBA from The Wharton School and a BS in Economics from NYU Stern.

Our Investors

  • Blumberg Capital
  • Storm Ventures
  • Engineering Capital