Data Operations with Nexla

Ops = Unlimited Scalability
For People and Processes

Address Data Heterogeneity

Monitor and manage data flows regardless of format or type of source. Nexla continuously learns from every record and attribute – schema, its evolution, and changes to data characteristics.

Scale Your Data Operations Team

Power features and APIs for coders, intuitive tools and automated workflows for everyone else. Nexla helps the team scale and collaborate because data is everyone’s business.

Deliver Reliable Operations

Continuous data validation, error management, automated monitoring and notifications, and built-in retry mechanisms to deliver the operational reliability needed by teams running hundreds of data flows.

No-Code & Low-Code Data Operations

The no-code workflows and low-code approach to data empowers business users and analysts .


Collaborative tools and Nexsets provide your organization the type of enterprise collaboration that makes it easy to do data integration, management, monitoring and troubleshooting.

Automated Data Flows

Sharable transforms, Nexsets, and schema detection make it easier and automatic to set up data flows. Once you’re set up, Nexla automatically scales and updates to new data.

Continuous Intelligence

Nexla applies continuous intelligence on your data and automatically recognizes data that you are working with, speeding up your operations without compromising on quality.

Data Operations with Nexla

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