Unified Data Operations

Limitless scalability
for people and processes

Solving Data Heterogeneity

More data sources means more data heterogeneity. Nexla learns your schema, tracks its evolution, monitors changes to data characteristics and manages data flows regardless of format or type of source.

Data Teams

Scale data teams by empowering them with low/no-code experience for their own automated workflows without waiting for data engineering teams for every single request. For experts, Nexla also offers full set of APIs and SDK for fine-grain control.

Deliver Reliable Operations

Nexla platform’s capability for continuous data validation, error management, automated monitoring and notifications, and built-in retry mechanisms deliver the operational reliability needed by teams running their mission-critical data.

Data Integration

Single platform for all your ETL, ELT, Data API, API Integration, or Data as a Service workflows. No/low-code way to quickly integrate any data in any format from anywhere.

Universal Connectors
An adaptive integration engine for both sources and destinations means you don’t need to create new connector every time a new data source comes up. Our standard connectors have been proven for hundreds of APIs and file-based sources.

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Data Transformation

Nexla automatically scans sources and creates nexsets when data is ingested. Using these nexsets, you can combine, prepare, filter, enrich, and validate your data in a no-code way. This prepared, ready to use data can then be easily provisioned to your destination – all in a no code way.

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Data Monitoring

Monitor your data pipelines continuously and provide consistent, high quality data for your business. Nexla learns your data characteristics and automatically applies smart validations. You can also bring your own validations. When there are errors in timeliness, quantity, or quality of data, you will get automated alerts and error-handling.

No Code Simplicity

Nexla empowers you to self-serve your data needs using no-code workflows. You can create integrate, prepare, validate, enrich your data and then provision to any data consuming app without writing any code.

Low Code Extensibility

For cases when you need to bring your own custom code, you can use the built-in low code tools. It takes just a few lines of Python or Javascript to add new functions to your Nexla account and make it available to your team.

Low code extensibility

Promote Team Collaboration

Nexla is designed with a collaboration-first mindset. You can collaborate with your teams with shared source or destination credentials, data in the form of nexsets, and data flows. Collaborative tools and Nexsets provide your organization the type of enterprise collaboration that makes it easy to do data integration, preparation, and monitoring. 

Data as a Product

Nexla helps organizations implement data mesh architecture by providing full support for the concept of data as a product. You can share data with anyone inside and outside your organization and reuse it over and over again. You can provision these data products to any data systems, operational systems, or analytical tools.

Automated Data Flows

Auto-generated Nexsets, schema detection, and sharable transforms make it easy to setup automated data flows. Once you’re set up, Nexla automatically scales and updates to new data.

Error Management & Quarantine

Have full-control on what to do when errors occur. Quickly see how and why they happened and how to handle them. Easily trace back errors and fix them without disrupting your operations.

Continuous Metadata Intelligence

Nexla automatically recognizes data that you are working with and applies continuous metadata intelligence on your data. This metadata intelligence is captured in Nexsets which then simplify data integration, preparation, and monitoring of data.

Built for the Enterprise

Nexla is a SaaS offering but also available for deployment in your on-premise data center or VPC with full support for AWS, GCP, Azure. Enterprise features like single sign-on, automated versioning, complete audit trail, and record-level data lineage give you the operational control and visibility you need to run your mission critical data operations.

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