Nexla Industry Solution: Retail

Every Retailer is Digital

The digital transformation of retail is well underway. Omnichannel, mobile, digital natives—it’s all powered by data. Retailers increasingly need to integrate with data partners to power storefronts, returns, and advanced analytics. Nexla helps manage the complex Data Operations that result from the growing number of data partners retailers need to do business.

Customer Case Study

Poshmark needed more visibility into their customer support KPIs, with less manual effort. Using Nexla’s Data Operations platform, Poshmark was able to integrate its customer support data from and leverage Looker to build intuitive dashboards—with no engineering required. “Nexla allows us to scale without disrupting anything else,” -Barkha Saxena, VP Analytics, Poshmark.


Secure, Enriched Financial Data

From alternative data sources to capital markets, Nexla makes it easy for finance companies to integrate, transform, and enrich financial data. Nexla can process data in real-time and transform almost any data format, from EDI to API. Nexla believes security is paramount: data is encrypted end-to-end and powerful data governance tools can turn access on and off.

But integration and transformation are just the beginning of the solution. Financial companies need to always have a pulse on how data is flowing. Nexla’s built-in monitoring capabilities alert users if schemas change, anomalies are detected, or partners send through errors. Accidents happen, but with Nexla you can track data lineage so triage and repair becomes a manageable task instead of a weeks-long project.


Nexla Industry Solution: Finance
Nexla industry solution: AI

Data is Oxygen

Models are only as good as the data you feed them. In the quest for new training data, data science teams can easily spend up to 80% of their time integrating new sources—without even knowing if they will prove to be of value.

Nexla helps data scientists access new data sources quickly and easily. Integrate with files, streams, and other structured data sources with no engineering help. Perform transformations with an intuitive web user interface and convert file formats with a few clicks. Nexla allows you to create a data dictionary so that everyone working on your project understands the schema. Share data sets with others inside and outside of your company with ease. Spend less time working for your data and more time working with your data.

More Things, More Data

The Internet of Things opens up tremendous opportunities, but also presents tremendous challenges. Are you ready to start ingesting the high volume, high velocity data that comes with IoT? Nexla can help.

With Nexla, connect to wearables, connected cars, and other sensor data. Choose which data attributes you need to ingest in an easy-to-use web user interface, and ignore the rest. Perform complex transformations and lookups on data while it streams into the preferred warehouse or database. Rest easy knowing your data is secure at rest and in motion with AES 256 encryption.

Nexla Industry Solution: IoT