Data Transformation with Nexla

Transform Any Data Into
Ready to Use Data

Self-Service Data Preparation

Why wait for the engineers when you can see the sources, pipelines, transformations, and preparation steps. Easily track down lineage and prepare data pipelines.

Reliable, Fast Data Operations

Understand what’s happening to your data flows at a glance. Easy to use, simple interface makes it easy for everyone to participate in the process and build reliable, fast data operations.

Automated Data Characteristics

Continuous data sampling and automatic characteristics (e.g., mean, standard deviation, distribution of values, outliers) means it is easier for you to find the right data.

Automated Data Preparation

Automatically scan sources and create Nexsets, universal datasets ready for transformation or destination, with advanced AI and ML to eliminate most of the data preparation while preserving the important data, metadata, and schema.

Continuous Schema Management

The process of detecting schemas, schema changes, schema overlap, superset/subset detection, and schema evolution is automatic and continuous. We support sparse schemas so that you can easily handle any data that comes your way.

Automated Versioning and Logs

All configurations, schemas, transforms are automatically versioned and changes tracked. It is easy to know what changed, who changed it, and make corrections when needed.

No-Code Transforms

Simple, no-code UI with a rich, extensible library of functions allows you to transform and enrich your data as well as metadata. Whether hashing a field, manipulating a string, doing some mathematical calculation, applying conditional logic, or adjusting the structure of a nested data object, you can easily do all these in UI.

Data Preparation with Nexla

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