Data Monitoring with Nexla

Keep garbage out with intelligent, automated, customizable monitoring

Consistently High
Data Quality

Trust your business-critical decisions and insights on high-quality data that you know is complete and accurate.

Monitor All
Data Pipelines

Easily create rules and proactively check all your data pipelines against a list of rules and validations as the data is moved

Standardize Data
Across Systems

Automatically deliver cleaned, prepared, and standardized data. Enrich data by joining with data from external sources with ease.

Built in Data Validations

Nexla learns your data and automatically applies some smart validations. It is also very easy for a user to create their own validations using our data validator engine. Mark attributes as required, check for values, pattern, type etc. Every data record that fails validation is quarantined in our error management layer.

Schema Annotations

Easily add simple annotations to data without needing a heavy-duty data catalog product. Annotations flow along with data even into derived Nexsets.

Notifications and Alerts

With Nexla you get peace of mind because we continuously learn the data characteristics and use that to detect errors such as timeliness, quantity, or quality of data.

Error Management & Quarantine

Have full-control on what to do when errors occur. Quickly see how and why they happened and how to handle them. Easily trace back errors and fix them without disrupting your operations.

Data Monitoring with Nexla

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