Build Your Data Mesh

Decentralized, governed, data as a product

Data Products

Data users now have a simple way to work with data products as Nexsets. Nexsets are logical data units that can be prepared and shared with any domain teams within your company and externally too.

Data Interoperability

Nexsets provide the common, interoperable way to navigate between disparate data systems. Users get one simple interface to data regardless of its speed (batch, real-time, or streaming), format, or schema.


Domain users manage and drive all aspects of data in a no/low-code way with Nexla. High quality and governed data becomes readily available for other teams resulting in agility and better business outcomes.

Organized, validated, ready to use Nexsets

Nexsets are automatically created once you provide data credentials. Neatly organized with schema, samples, descriptions, annotations, ratings, and more. Easily find data, share Nexsets, apply validations, and benefit from automated error management.

Data Sharing

Nexsets are shareable. Just like in Google Doc, multiple users and stake holders can now collaborate on data. Sharing is allowed between individuals, teams, and also across organizations, making data sharing a snap.

Automate Your Data Flows

Sharable transforms, Nexsets, and schema detection make it easier and automatic to set up data flows. Once you’re set up, Nexla automatically scales and updates to new data.

Continuous Intelligence

Nexla applies continuous intelligence on your data and automatically created Nexsets. Nexsets speed up operations and collaboration between domains without compromising on quality or governance.

Build Your Data Mesh with Nexla

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