Data across Silos

Data to and from your ecosystem- customers, partners, vendors, services

Data as a product

Easily package any data you have as a product. Create new data products by modifying or combining existing ones.

Expand your Data

You can’t be data driven in isolation. In house data is a good start but not enough. So don’t just get reports, get raw data from your ecosystem.

Win-Win FTW

Benefit from your ecosystem and empower it as well. Create win-win data flows with your partners, customers, and vendors.

Deliver Data Anywhere

Your data has different users. Some may need it in a file, while others might need an API or a feed. With Nexla you can send data in any format and mechanism – file, DB, API, feed – that your data users need. Even better, you can let your users choose how they want the data.

Continuous, Automated, Data Quality

Know and control the data. Apply quality checks and validations without needing any engineering help.