Data & Analytics Leaders

Provide a collaborative and secure method for accessing and using internal and external data throughout the enterprise.



Meet security and compliance requirements with governed, auditable, and repeatable processes for data flows to and from internal or
third-party systems.



Eliminate data silos, knowledge gaps, redundant work, and dependencies among data users. Let every data model and flow be shared, discussed, reused, branched, and modified by anyone regardless of technical skills.


Internal and external data

Enable data users to make use of any internal or third-party data, regardless of its source, format, type, or volume. Streaming, batch or real-time, files, databases, emails, or APIs, nothing will slow down your team.

Nexla’s expertise in data transformation frees my teams to focus on building the best possible catalog of grocery products.
- James McNalley , Director of Catalog Engineering , Instacart

Data Encryption

Encrypted data is supported for both source and destination. Data stays only temporarily in Nexla during processing, giving you additional peace of mind for your sensitive data. Enterprise customers can go further, and get a private installation.


Collaboration and Governance

Fine grained access control allows data teams to share and collaborate while staying compliant and keeping sensitive data secure. Give read, write, or share controls at flow, source, or at dataset level.


Auto versions and audit logs

Every Nexla entity is auto-versioned – whether it is a schema change or a modification to a transform function. All user changes and Nexla’s intelligent auto-updates are logged giving a full audit-log view, and lineage.


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