Intelligent, No-Compromise, Data Platform for Enterprise

Integrate and exchange data with your ecosystem of customers, partners, and services.
Collaborative, low-coding, self-serve solution for any data.

What if your data just worked?

Up to 80% of data professionals’ time is spent integrating, troubleshooting, and transforming data. Automate Data Operations and reclaim your time with Nexla’s sophisticated platform.

Data Integration


Minimize development and integration time and connect to any data source, from any partner. Use our integration platform to manage API integrations, FTP servers, EDI, and database connections.

Data Sending


Setup data streams to share with partners in minutes with just a few clicks. You maintain total control: choose the attributes to share. Encrypt, transform and manage access to your data at all times.

Data Transformations


Say goodbye to ETL jobs and easily transform and enrich data with a few clicks. Write your own custom transforms that can be shared with the rest of your team and create custom datasets to share internally or externally.

Data Monitoring


We take care of monitoring your data so there are no surprises. Advanced alerting and workflow hooks keep data flowing– at any scale. Set it and forget it with Nexla.

Nexla Platform is Easy to Use


Powerful enough for the data engineers, but designed for the data-savvy business user. Empower your team to create simple data pipelines to access, transform, and move the data they need without extra work or cost. Manage your user profiles to set strict controls over who has access to what.

"Nexla makes sharing data between companies, in any format, really easy." Brandon Leonardo, Co-Founder
Instacart Office
"I was happy to find a software solution (for integration). It allows us to scale without disrupting anything else." Barkha Saxena, VP Analytics Poshmark Logo
Data for retail, ecommerce data