The Converged Data Fabric
Frictionless Data between Enterprises and their Ecosystem
Collaborative, self-service, software solution for working with data across silos

Say “Goodbye” to fragmented data solutions cobbled together from point tools

Say “Hello” to the modern way to data
Nexla’s continuous intelligence delivers automation and universal connectivity for data operations. The result is an intuitive and seamless approach aligned to user workflows. Working with your favorite governance, catalog, and AIOps solution gets even easier with Nexla.


Nexla’s continuous intelligence is auto-pilot for your data that uses machine learning to understand data while abstracting away all complexities which simplifies and automates data integration and data operations.


Nexla’s self-service and collaboration capabilities free-up your data team’s time so that they can focus on using data and creating value rather than data drudgery.


Nexla makes your data operations reliable, scalable, flexible, and responsive to your changing needs. Nexla’s continuous intelligence monitors data at every step to sense and respond to errors and schema changes.

Under the Hood

Nexla data fabric provides the foundation to build your data-powered applications. The fabric automatically gives you converged capabilities of integration, operations, lineage, reliability and more. Nexsets abstract away data heterogeneity, so irrespective of the infrastructure, data system, or format, you get a consistent, ultra-fast, and reliable interface to data.

How it Works?

Works for the entire data organization
Data Leaders
Collaborative and secure solution for your teams to access and use any internal or external data.
Data Engineers
Automate integrations and reduce time to create and operate data pipelines.
Freedom to innovate without data limitations in your favorite tool, and then instantly go into production.
Data Analysts
Discover, access, and self-serve any internal or external data directly into your dashboards.
Client Services & Solutions
Say Yes instead of Maybe. Onboard your enterprise customer quickly, at lower costs, with faster CAC payback.

The most innovative companies use Nexla
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