DataOps Platform
For External Data
Send and Receive Data from
Anywhere and to Anyone

Converged DataOps Platform
 Data integration, preparation, monitoring, and exchange working in perfect harmony for governed Data Operations at scale.


Data Workflows

Single platform for all your ETL, ELT, Data API, API Integration, or Data as a Service workflows. No-code / low-code approach to quickly integrate any data in any format from anywhere.


Data Operations

Reliable, automated operations with continuous data intelligence, validation, error management, monitoring, notifications, and retry mechanisms.


with Data

Prepared and governed, self-service data access for data science and operations teams with auto-versioning, audit trail, and record-level data lineage for complete transparency.

Data Fabric Architecture

Continuous metadata intelligence delivers data-as-a-product
with powerful self-service data tools for teams.

Converged DataOps

Data API

Data Exchange

Data Integration

Data Operations

Data Preparation

Data Quality

Nexla for Analytics Teams
Data Leaders
Collaborative and secure solution for your teams to access and use any internal or external data.
Data Engineers
Automate integrations and reduce time to create and operate data pipelines.
Data Analysts
Discover, access, and self-serve any internal or external data directly into your dashboards.
Data Scientists
Freedom to innovate without data limitations in your favorite tool, and then instantly go into production.

Nexla for Operations Teams
Data Leader
Client Services
Data Engineers

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