Case Study: Customer-Centered Data Approach at Bloomreach

Case Study: Customer-Centered Data Approach at Bloomreach

About Bloomreach: Bloomreach is a B2B software platform that enables customers to deliver personalized website experiences and optimized search results to users across all the interaction touchpoints. As Bloomreach’s technology teams build advanced solutions for their customers, they leverage Nexla to expedite data integration processes and expand platform offerings.

The Challenge: Expanding customer base required large-scale data integrations. Without scalable pipelines and automated data exchange, Bloomreach had to spend extensive engineering effort during a 3-month onboarding period with each customer, causing delays in product value delivery. Therefore, Bloomreach needed a solution to reduce customer onboarding time and increase its scope of connectivity to various platforms.

Solution: Nexla enables Bloomreach to efficiently build pipelines and automate data exchange with all of its data sources. Nexla bridges the gap between Bloomreach and its customers’ platforms as it transfers ready-to-use data directly to Bloomreach’s AI-powered analytics systems.

“We were able to take a lengthy 3-month engagement and onboarding period for data integrations and cut it down to 1.5 months with Nexla. Maintaining data no longer costs our customers thousands
of dollars. This makes our customers a lot happier,” Xun Wang, CTO, Bloomreach Inc.

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