Product Updates – Jun 2020

Saket Saurabh
Saket Saurabh

We welcomed the warm California summer with a guest blog post on DataOps  by one of the most highly respected industry analysts in data – Dave Wells of the Eckerson group. In this post Dave discusses how the DataOps approach needs to evolve beyond its technical focus to be more effective for organizations. Nexla is already on this path with its self-service and collaborative approach to data integration, discovery, preparation, and operations. In addition this month we introduce our text-recognition feature, cybersecurity data connectors, and even more advancements to our generic REST API connections.

New Features Highlights

Documents and scanned images as Data

With Email as a Data Source simply send images or documents in emails to Nexla. State of the art text recognition is applied to then detect unique datasets which become available as structured data. Works great for PDF documents, insurance papers, driver licenses,  receipts.

Cybersecurity Data Sources

Our blog last month covered how Cybersecurity companies are scaling up data driven innovation. We have now added more Cybersecurity data sources to our pre-configured API templates. Need more pre-configured API connectors? Email us, we are adding more everyday.

Easy Oauth2 APIs

Have an Oauth2 API, but don’t see a pre-configured connector? In REST API, simply choose Oauth2, enter your key/secret and other information from API docs, and you are ready.

Need a data connector?

Nexla’s universal connector architecture means it takes our team zero-code and only a few hours of setup and validation to release a new connector. Simply email us what connector you need and we will notify you as soon as it is available.

Expensify Data

Automatically get data from expense reports for analysis of spend. Combine and compare against data from other systems, such as Salesforce. Nexsets detected from Expensify data which can then be transformed and sent  any destinatto DB, API, files etc.

Nexla Customer Stories

Text recognition for Logistics Data

This modern freight broker gets driver license and insurance certificates as pictures via email. Data has to then be verified manually and slows down the process of driver and freight approval.

With Nexla email attachments become data sources. Not only that, Nexla applies sophisticated OCR to detect and organize that data into a Nexset. And like any Nexset this data can now go anywhere including an internal API as in the case of this user. Have an OCR or similar need? Setup a demo with the Nexla team today.

E-commerce Shipment Management

This e-commerce leader uses Nexla to integrate data from ShipStation and ShipBob. Not only that you can also create a label, track your shipment, and manage your inventory by connecting to these APIs. In addition Nexla also works well with other logistics APIs including AfterShip, Shippo, SmartyStreets, and many more. Pair these integrations with our Shopify integration and you have everything you need to track your e-commerce business.

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