What is DataOps?

In hundreds of conversations with customers, investors, and other data professionals, we’ve found that everyone believes they have heard the term before, but isn’t quite sure what it means, exactly. When asked to describe DataOps, most people intuitively understood it had something to do with moving data to the right place in the right format. To move the conversation forward, we need a clear definition we can all use. At Nexla, we believe:

DataOps is the function within an organization that controls the data journey from source to value.

Data Operations: Or How I Learned to Stop Data Wrangling and Love Machine Learning

Film buffs will remember the above scene from Stanley Kubrick’s iconic Dr. Strangelove, in which President Muffley says, “Gentlemen, you can’t fight in here! This is the War Room!” The absurd, satirical line is oddly applicable to what’s happening today in machine learning teams. The machine learning folks shouldn’t be data wrangling- they should be focused on machine learning. But because we don’t often receive our data in a usable format, valuable time is spent transforming, moving, and cleaning data.

Will Data Save our Lives?

Automotive is the buzzing topic at CES 2017. That’s no surprise given the pace of innovation in vehicle connectivity and autonomy. But beyond the cool concept cars and live demos, CES discussed questions about safety, regulation, social impact, smart cities and how these new vehicles will change life and jobs as we know it. New vehicle technology has the opportunity to transform how we live, and save lives while doing it. But is the automotive industry ready for this challenge?