Nexla Monthly Update 

Direct integration with Tableau and its Hyper data format, several new connectors and a powerful customer case study of accelerating their reports and dashboard. August was an exciting month and we share it all here in this monthly update. Want the Nexla team to prioritize your favorite feature? Email us at, and we will get on it.

Nexla Customer Stories

Faster analytics through Nexla command-line automation

The Data Analytics team at this e-commerce leader was experiencing a slow down in its reporting dashboards. That was starting to impact their business agility because executives had to wait on essential analytics that drives the business. The idea of creating aggregation tables to speed up Looker queries made sense, but it was daunting at the scale of hundreds of dashboards. Nexla had an automated solution. 

  1. They used Nexla to get a list of all queries that power the dashboard
  2. Then the Nexla command line tool allowed them to automatically create hundreds of ELT jobs using those queries. These transforms would  run directly in the database using the same queries used in Looker.
  3. These in-database transforms now run regularly and the resulting aggregation tables deliver data into Looker and Google Sheets much faster
  4. Changes to dimensions in aggregation table are inevitable, but now those changes can be made quickly without needing any custom engineering.

A few weeks of setup and testing and all reports are now running way faster.

Instant user provisioning and de-provisioning

With a plethora of SaaS tools in large organizations, it can be challenge to provision and de-provision users as they join the company, move teams, or move out. This is essential not just for business operations but also for security compliance. This Nexla customer is connecting Nexla Webhooks to Workday, listening to real-time system events such as employee on boarding and immediately triggering downstream administrative actions on various tools in the organization. Even if your HR system doesn’t support Webhooks, an email report or API can still get you the same end results. Life simplified, right?

New Features Highlights

Drive, Zoom, JIRA, YouTube, and a lot more

Now you can: Read and write documents into Drive including Sheets. Get social media stats from YouTube. Get Zoom meeting stats, recordings, and even create Zoom meetings. And finally Hyper format data for Tableau is here for self-service data integration into Tableau.

Need a data connector?

Nexla’s universal connector architecture means it takes our team zero-code and only a few hours of setup and validation to release a new connector. Simply email us what connector you need and we will notify you as soon as it is available.

Database and API, Advanced Mode

The easy UI mode and the advanced technical mode for configuring sources are now side by side. Instantly switch from Table selection to query mode in Databases, or from pre-defined templates to full API editor. 

ELT mode for Databases

Need to run scheduled queries and update tables using ELT processing?  Simply use our new ELT Query runner. All transforms get auto-versioned, are reusable, and have full audit log.

Easier, more intuitive

We continually strive to make our UI easier and more intuitive. File sources now show more detail such as date, and size, along with instant Preview mode. Audit logs are also richer with event type details.

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