Nexla + Snowflake

Empowering organizations to rapidly scale data initiatives that are critical for business processes with ready-to-use data products and automation

Connect to Any Data, No Limits

Power data intelligence across the enterprise with Nexla’s auto-generated, bi-directional connectors that bring data from any source into Snowflake.

Realize All Your Use Cases

Meet all your data use cases in the Snowflake Data Cloud through an all-in-one converged data engineering platform.

Make Your Data Initiatives Real

Drive a vast range of data initiatives by enabling anyone to create data products with ease.

Nexla Announces Data Clean Rooms for Snowflake

Announced at Snowflake’s annual user conference, Snowflake Summit ’23, Nexla has launched a new solution that will accelerate the deployment and streamline the operation of their data clean rooms, which are based on the Snowflake Global Data Clean Room framework.

Nexla is Snowflake Ready

The Snowflake Ready Validation Program recognizes partners that have completed a 3rd party technical validation to confirm their Snowflake integrations are optimized with an emphasis on functional and performance best practices.

Nexla + Snowflake Customers

“Nexla enables us to accelerate customer acquisition by automating data pipelines between our customers’ data store and Snowflake, that powers data insights for our customers, all without the need to involve our data engineers. As a result, Nexla + Snowflake helps us create a market differentiator because we are able to deliver faster ROI for our customers over our competitors.”

Ryan Polley

Chief Operating Officer (COO), Marchex



Snowflake + Nexla Datasheet

Rapidly scale your critical business processes with ready-to-use data products and automation.

Move Data from SAP Hana to Snowflake

This article covers how to sync data between SAP and a cloud data warehouse.

Creating Snowflake Data Clean Rooms With Nexla

Learn how Nexla brings velocity and operational scale to your Snowflake Data Clean Room projects

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NExla + Snowflake

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