Nexla vs. Informatica

Overview Data integration, transformation, delivery, observability, and monitoring for all data to anywhere

Managed ELT service to data warehouses

Private Deployment (on-prem and cloud) Yes No
Connector Types SaaS Apps, Warehouses, Lakes, Streaming, Webhooks, API, Databases, Files, Spreadsheets, and more Saas Apps, Files, and Databases
Bulk/batch data movement ELT, ETL, Streaming, API, API Proxy ELT
Data movement topology Bidirectional data flow with tunable latency and speed One way ELT pipelines – from apps to data warehouse
Batch, Streaming, and Real-time Processing Batch, Streaming, and Real-time Batch only, then only native database change capture
API services REST, SOAP, and Oauth connectors Not as data connector
Data Mesh Architecture Principles Data products (Nexsets), domain governance, metadata intelligence, and more Not applicable