Data Scientists

Freedom to innovate without data limitations

Easy Experimentation

As a creative person, you have many ideas. Get instant access to any data and test your ideas quickly.

Feature Engineering

Powerful tools to transform, enrich, and combine multiple raw data feeds for extracting features.

Instant Deployment

Take your ideas to production with built-in feature serving and instant, auto-scaling production grade data pipelines.

Data Discovery

Easily search for data available to you in your organization, preview it, and give it a try if it looks right. Or intermediate datasets from someone else’s work and save yourself the repeat work.

Automated data characteristics

To make it easier for you to find the right data, Nexla continuously samples data and automatically computes characteristics such as mean, standard deviation, distribution of values, and outliers.

Advanced Feature Engineering

Hundreds of built in functions to extract features including lookups, API calls, named entity entity recognition and one-hot encoding. Easily enhance this library with Python code. Nexla auto-generates high performance API services for feature serving in production.

Your Data in Pandas

A full-fledged Python SDK that allows you to easily use any data directly in your notebook service. This data could be coming from a Data Warehouse, a SaaS service, an Email, a public data source, or an internal API.