Data API with Nexla

One API to Rule Them All
Auto-generated APIs to access any data

Automated APIs

Auto-generated, visually designed API interfaces. Developers can finally focus on business logic and application intelligence instead of code.

API Proxy

A single API interface that calls multiple backend API’s. Greatly simplify the development complexity of your application.

Data as a Service

Get high performance API access to data from any data store – a database, data warehouse, or a cloud database to meet any customer demand.

Transform API Parameters

You can easily transform, filter, change format for parameters of the API parameters in a visual way. This can be done for both outgoing parameters and incoming response.

Consistent Response for Apps

Irrespective of the response from the backend APIs, Nexla can do the necessary transformations to deliver response in a format that the application expects.

Visually Designed APIs

Change API response structure without code. Authorization and auto-scaling are already built in.


Data API with Nexla

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