Data Analysts

Discover, access, and self-serve any internal or external data directly into your dashboards

Prototype quickly

Easy, self-service integration to data from any source without dependency or waiting for help.

Design Data

Make data useful by filtering, blending, and transforming it into any desired model using a code-free UI.

Data in your favorite tool

Enjoy the freedom of having data in your favorite Analytics tool, Notebook service, Spreadsheet, Database, or as an API.

Don't yet have the capability to ingest that particular data format? I can turn that on literally in one hour, get the data, test my idea with it.
- Kyle Martin , Head of Analytics , Poshmark

Any-to-any data

200+ self-service connectors including Snowflake, Redshift, BiQuery, S3, SQL Server, Mysql, Data APIs, public data, Data Streams, , Webhooks, SaaS services such as Salesforce, Intuit, Hubspot, and many more. Plus a UI-based configurator to add anything you like without code.

A comprehensive selection of data destinations gives you the flexibility to get data in a BI tool, in an API, in a Jupyter notebook, in a Data Warehouse, or as a realtime feed. Every combination you need is available at your fingertips.

Data transformation, filtering, and validation

Simple, no-code UI with a rich, extensible library of functions allows you to transform and enrich your data as well as metadata. Whether hashing a field, manipulating a string, doing some mathematical calculation, applying conditional logic, or adjusting the structure of a nested data object, you can easily do all these in UI.

Visually apply filters and validations to ensure data quality and get exactly the right data. These transformations, filters, and validations are automatically versioned, shareable, and reusable.

Data as a product - share and reuse

Nexla automatically organizes data neatly by schema, resulting in data as a product. This is not a copy but a logical view based on an automated understanding of data. What does that get you? An automated library of data products for you to find, share, reuse existing Nexsets, or modify and curate new ones.

Branch and chain these data products to create a multi-stage data flow each with its own transformations, filters, and validations.

Automated schema management

For the first time your data flows are now resilient to schema changes. Nexla auto-generates schemas from record level analysis, continuously monitors schema changes, and automatically versions them. Schema changes never break any data flows, instead you get notified of significant changes while Nexla automatically adapts to non-breaking changes.

Experiment Quickly, Deploy Instantly, Innovate Always!

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