Client Services and Solutions

Say "Yes" instead of Maybe. Deliver POCs and onboard customers in hours, not weeks.

Integrate anything

Automated UI driven pipelines and complete data operations along with command-line tools, SDK, and APIs give you flexibility to integrate anything.

Say yes to POCs

Accept data at any scale, in any system, format, or quality to deliver Proof Of Concepts without fear or delay.

Onboard faster

Automation accelerates your customer onboarding, gets you faster to revenue, lowers onboarding cost, and allows you to service smaller deals profitably

Any time I hear a niche use-case, my brain goes to Nexla. How can we solve this crazy request and contain that within Nexla so we don't have to build this in-house.
- Joel Schoolnik , Senior Implementation Consultant , Narvar

Out of the box integration

Files, Custom APIs, Streams, SaaS services, Data Warehouses, Emails – integrate anything you need in minutes. Now your customers can provide data in any system or format, including JSON, JSONL, CSV, Delimited, Fixed width, XML, Avro, Parquet, ORC, EDI, Images, and PDF. Deliver all this data to your internal application via APIs, stream, or direct into Database.

Transformation library

Create an internal library of custom transformations unique to your business. This adds seamlessly to the built-in transformations in Nexla growing your library for future reuse. Use Lookups into other Nexsets or call external APIs to combine data from multiple places.

Scriptable plugin design

Nexla works out of the box at every stage of data flow, and you can also customize each phase with python scripts. Enterprise users can also use Nexla’s command line utilities to further integrate Nexla into their workflow

Want happy customers?

Accelerate on boarding and deliver a data-driven experience.