All things data operations in the machine learning age
Introducing Nexie: The Portable, Hand-Held Data Center

Today Nexla is announcing a solution for companies to run Machine learning models in their own data centers. Nexie is an ingenious piece of hardware designed by Nexla which brings machine learning into your own data center. The device can be powered on in any data center across the globe. Nexie can connect with existing storage solutions via multiplexed universal ports. Nexie comes with two ports, In & Out. The In port allows you to receive data, Out port outputs the results of the model. Multiple Nexies can be joined together to create portable clusters!

Introducing the Industry’s First DataOps Assessment

This first-of-its-kind survey asks data engineers and other data professionals about the State of Data Operations. The resultant report will provide a snapshot of the DataOps function in today’s companies. It will explore what is working, and where improvements need to be made to help companies most effectively use their data. Immediately after taking the survey, you’ll receive an assessment your company’s current DataOps based on our model and your responses.

What is DataOps?

In hundreds of conversations with customers, investors, and other data professionals, we’ve found that everyone believes they have heard the term before, but isn’t quite sure what it means, exactly. When asked to describe DataOps, most people intuitively understood it had something to do with moving data to the right place in the right format. To move the conversation forward, we need a clear definition we can all use. At Nexla, we believe:

DataOps is the function within an organization that controls the data journey from source to value.

Meet Nexla at Strata + Hadoop World, March 14 – 16

We’re happy to announce that Nexla will be presenting at the Startup Showcase next week at Strata+Hadoop World in San Jose! It’s an honor to be selected along with other up-and-coming big data companies. The pitch-off takes place Tuesday, March 14 at 6:30pm.

And don’t miss our CEO Saket Saurabh’s talk on Wednesday at 2:30pm in the Solutions Showcase. Learn “How to Automate Data Operations so You Can Build Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics.” Come swing by our booth in the Innovator Pavilion.

How to Easily Archive Vulnerable Environmental Data

The Internet Archive, also known as the Wayback Machine, has been capturing snapshots of the World Wide Web for over 20 years. But a new effort to save a specific type of Internet content- scientific data- has emerged among some scientists and professors. Groups like the Penn Program in Environmental Humanities and its offshoot Data Refuge are committed to preserving “…the facts we need at a time of ongoing climate change.”

These groups encourage others to download and store public scientific data. They’ve acted as a catalyst for groups around the country to host data meetups. At Nexla, we are committed to building tools that make it easier to collaborate with data. In that spirit, we’d like to share two of the methods we’ve found for archiving important data sets.

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